Email Use Increasing, Despite What WSJ Says

Andrew Kordek

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The Wall Street Journal is the latest to jump on the “email is dead” bandwagon. The article, “Why Email No Longer Rules… and what that means for the way we communicate,” opens with the proclamation, “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over.”

Sound familiar? It should. In 2006 USA Today published an article that opened with the statement, “Email is so last millennium” and talked about text messaging trends among teens. A year earlier, Pew Internet published research warning, “Email is still a fixture in teens’ lives, but IM is preferred.”

Sometimes timing is everything. This morning we released a study titled, “Is Email Marketing Endangered?” The study is based on responses from over 2,300 Internet users in the U.S. and the U.K., who were asked, “Over the past six months, are you doing the following things LESS often, MORE often, or about the SAME amount?” about email, social networks, text messaging, and instant messaging.

Based on what we learned in the study, it makes perfect sense that the Wall Street Journal reporter, Jessica Vascellaro, would take the position she did.

Through her biographical details on LinkedIn (yes, this is ironic, but the entire debate is full of ironies), I inferred that Vascellaro is a mid-20s female. As such, she fits squarely into the demographic we identified for individuals who use social media most often. The article may represent her personal experience, but this experience is not representative of the broader market.  Moreover, it is a simple-minded argument. Did her editor request the article via DM on Twitter? Did she post the article to her Facebook wall? Call me crazy, but I’m betting this transaction took place through email.

Email’s future is looking even brighter today than it was just three years ago. Here’s why:

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Originally From “Email Use Increasing, Despite What WSJ Says”| Published October 14, 2009

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