Email Use Is Not — I Repeat, NOT– Decreasing

Andrew Kordek

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In the landscape of communication between brands and consumers, I happen to believe that email is the foundation for building great relationships.

How much do I believe this? So much so, this month I launched an agency focused on helping companies use email more effectively. company with a focus on email marketing. That said, I’m not naive enough to think that email is the end-all-be-all. Far from it.

For example, mass media plays an important role in building awareness and long-term brand value. As Jim Spaeth of Sequent Partners pointed out recently, a considerable portion of Procter & Gamble’s balance sheet has nothing to do with its quarterly sales. Instead, it is wrapped up in the name recognition of the brands the company owns. Email will never be able to drive that kind of awareness on its own, but it can help build loyalty and influence purchasing behavior among current customers.

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Originally from Email Use Is Not– I Repeat, NOT– Decreasing| Published October 13, 2010

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