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In the revenue game of email marketing, it has long been said that timing and relevancy will win in the long term.  As the Superbowl concluded and The Ravens were celebrating, the email marketing geek in me went to his inbox to see which retailers were going to fire off emails right after the game.  Within 5 minutes of The Ravens winning, Fathead sent the following email congratulating the winner. Fathead 1
Fathead was first to my inbox, and I want to congratulate them for doing so. Some might argue that it was too quick, given that most of The Ravens fans were still celebrating, and they should have waited to push the button. But I’m a proponent for speed, and people could have been checking their phones or emails during this time.

I am sure there are quite a few people that can poke holes in Fathead’s strategy, but I want to congratulate them for being first to my inbox. It will be interesting to see if Fathead will continue to send this email in the days leading up to the parade and other celebrations.

Congrats Fathead.

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