Follow Me On Twitter…So Say You In That Email

Andrew Kordek

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If your brand is looking for new ways to promote your twitter presence in email, look no further than @CallawayGolf ‘s email and what they do towards the footer of their email. Unique

The key takeaways here:

  • Make it more than just about your main twitter handle.
  • Make it human by including the avatars of those that are featured.
  • Lead the subscriber with a clear and conspicuous “follow” button.
  • Carve out some significant email real estate for something that you are good at and are passionate about. If anything, it could increase revenue.
  • Make sure you can track where your followers are coming from and ensure that you welcome them appropriately.

Congrats to @CallawayGolf for making something different in their emails, rather than just the same old social icon push.

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Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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