Future of Email Marketing – The Workhorse Becomes A Racehorse

Alex Williams

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Email marketing continues to be the reigning champion of digital marketing. Not surprising when you consider every dollar spent on email marketing produces $44 in return. Yet, the broad perception of email marketing is that of a workhorse – tried and true – content to keep toiling away with a daily ration of oats and water. But what happens to a workhorse when the track begins to change? What happens when routine no longer gets the job done? In an age of increasing demand for hyper-personalized customer experiences across devices, the track has changed. To stay competitive, enterprise organizations today must have a strategy to fully leverage sophisticated automation, segmentation, and dynamic content capabilities at scale. They need to maximize their data for uniquely tailored content that drives engagement, maximize deliverability to ensure that uniquely tailored content actually reaches their subscribers, and grow their subscriber base with an informed acquisition strategy that builds brand loyalists. All the while ensuring compliance in a world of new privacy laws that are sure to follow the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR.  In the foreseeable future of email marketing there are twists and turns that rival the Triple Crown, and a workhorse just won’t do.


Trendline Interactive is a full-service email marketing agency that specializes in helping clients transform their email marketing programs into high-performing campaigns that treat the workhorse channel like the winner it really is.

“Companies hire us because they recognize that doing email right demands a level of expertise that digital agencies can’t provide,” says Morgan Stewart, Trendline CEO and Co-Founder. “We prove that we can help them be successful.”

For the past eight years, Trendline has built a reputation for helping email marketers get noticed – by their customers, and within their companies. (Visibility is currency, after all, whether in the inbox or the office.) Offering strategic and practical guidance learned from decades of hands-on experience as email marketers, the agency partners with enterprise clients to transform their email marketing programs with a holistic approach that addresses (above- and below-the-line challenges) not only operational efficiencies but also growth strategies. Meaning, they get the horse in running shape for the long win via operational excellence, then drive growth with proven tactics befitting an elite athlete. With a talent pool of thought leaders in email strategy, email operations, email analytics, email service provider platforms, and email creative – in short, all things email– the agency offers highly specialized services that optimize, elevate, and grow email marketing programs while ensuring flawless execution every step of the way.

“No two email programs are alike,” says Stewart, “so it’s important to have an agnostic email marketing agency with deep expertise across disciplines. We work to quickly understand a program at a very high level to determine what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, what a client is trying to achieve.”

That approach gets high marks with clients. In The Relevancy Group’s annual Email Agency Buyer’s Guide, Trendline Interactive earned more customer satisfaction awards than any other email marketing agency in the report. Clients praised Trendline’s expansive technical expertise, strategy, and commitment to optimization, automation and innovation.

“We’re in the business of building relationships,” says Stewart, “and that means getting results for our clients with continual improvement in both the short and long term.”

The agency is also in the business of building relationships with industry-leading partners in send-time optimization, deliverability and email verification, list building, and advanced analytics solutions that make real-time insights accessible and actionable, keeping clients ahead of the curve.

In fact, after years of partnering with deliverability experts Inbox Pros, Trendline Interactive acquired the company, making them part of the family. One of the few companies that brings decades of expertise in this niche arena, Inbox Pros has established themselves as the go-to — the standard — in helping clients navigate the complexities of ISPs, network filters, and mailbox providers to ensure their emails reach their subscribers’ inboxes.

“We knew they’d bring enormous value to our business,” says Stewart. “Deliverability impacts your bottom line, and at a time of increasing privacy concerns and new regulations, companies need to address deliverability issues, or risk their reputation.”

Being blocked by just one major ISP can significantly impact your email marketing program. But improving deliverability can be a challenge, particularly when so many factors come into play — content, authentication and infrastructure, list quality, subscriber engagement, spam filters, and more.”

“It’s part art, part science,” Chris Arrendale, Inbox Pros Chief Privacy Officer, whose book Deliverability Inferno outlines major challenges in deliverability including content, lists, bounces, complaints, spam traps, blacklists, authentication, compliance, and technology, along with guidance to help marketers move from “purgatory to paradise,” or the spam folder to the inbox.

“Email is harder than it looks,” says Stewart. “Few companies have the deep technical expertise and dedicated resources required to take their programs to the next level. We can help.”


If you’d like to learn more about how to maximize your email program, please reach out. We’ll be happy to talk with you.

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SVP, Practice Lead, Cloud Consulting. As one of Trendline’s first hires, Alex built out Trendline’s full service email practice. He is a true full stack email marketer – from strategy and creative to technology and analytics. Widely recognized as an email strategy and creative expert, as an SVP at Trendline, Alex brings his passion and creative problem solving skills to Trendline clients. Alex has had a hand in just about every account that’s ever been on Trendline’s roster. He is a frequent keynote speaker on topics related to design, technology, and their intersection in the inbox. Follow Alex on Twitter

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