The Future of Email is Not on Your Wrist

Andrew Kordek

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I have some bad news for email marketers who thought and still think that the Smartwatch is going to change the way people engage with email. In fact, when the Apple watch debuted a few years ago, there was a flurry of blog posts that talked about how to design email for the wrist experience. 

First, the email experience on the Smartwatch has and continues to let users down. I not only say this from observation and reading, but from a personal experience as well. I own 3 Smartwatches and all of them disappoint, failing to deliver in terms of how email is displayed, and the inability to interact with. I struggle to read the string and there is no way I would even think about responding.

The bad news is this…the future of email on the wrist is dead and those of you who are clinging to the hope that it will get better are just kidding yourselves.  Why? Well, as of right now, Smartwatch manufacturers are merely trying to figure out how to sell them, let alone how people are going to use them.

According the IDC figure below, Smartwatch sales tanked by almost 52% in Q3 and the biggest loser was Apple with a -71% YOY growth and seismic decline of epic proportions in market share. Let’s be clear, Apple and the others are less concerned or worried about your email experience on their device, and are more frightened as to the long term use of apps and functionality on the devices.


IDC Smartwatch sales


Let’s face facts here people, the long term solution for the email marketer is not to worry about designing emails for these devices and focus on the other 100+ things in their program that will make a difference in the subscriber journey. There’s no need to trip over ourselves trying to come up with email marketing solutions for a device that is just not ready.

The future of email is not on the wrist…yet.

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