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Time for a pop quiz! (And no cheating on Google, either.)


Email deliverability is:

  1. Ummm … what?
  2. Not my problem
  3. Something those scary guys in IT handle
  4. Bouncing email
  5. Everybody’s concern

The correct answer is “E.” But you’re on the right track if you picked “D.” Undeliverable (“bounced”) email is just one kind of deliverability issue. Email deliverability as a whole is something that both marketers and tech staff must understand and master to get the maximum number of emails in the inbox and maximum return on your email marketing investment .


Unique Challenge Facing Email Marketers

Why should a technical issue like deliverability concern you, the email marketer? Because you face a unique challenge:

You need to understand not only the creative and strategic end of the email marketing channel but also the technical aspects–how the channel works and how your actions directly affect your ability to get your emails delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes. Learn how email works.  

If you don’t know how your email decisions can affect deliverability, you’ll end up wasting the money you spend on email and losing out on its greatest values – building strong relationships with your customers and driving revenue for the bottom line.  

Learn about deliverability in a marketer-friendly environment

Now you can get up to speed on deliverability issues in a class geared to your specific needs and knowledge level.

It’s the Email Deliverability Certification Class by Inbox Pros, a Trendline Company. 

The small-group class (participation caps at 20) is taught by top deliverability experts who understand both the technical aspects of deliverability and the email marketer’s role in it. They speak your language while they help you become conversant in the more complex concepts of deliverability.

What comes with the class?

“We keep the lessons purposeful, relevant and useful,” says Chris Arrendale, Chief Privacy Officer and Principal Deliverability Specialist for Inbox Pros. He has been leading these classes for several years and developed the concept after getting pleas for help from email marketers.

“Deliverability is incredibly abstract and complex,” Christine Selema, Training Coordinator for the classes, explains. “It’s easy to get lost in it and to get the runaround when you seek help if you don’t know what to ask about and whom to ask to help you.”

“This class gives marketers the background knowledge on what they need to know and whom to ask for the information, whether their own IT staff, a list-cleaning service, different ISPs or whoever has the answer.”

Class basics

A comprehensive review of Deliverability Fundamentals will help you understand deliverability basics such as the sending process; problems like bounced email, spam complaints, blacklists, spam traps, and email filters; ISP tools and filters; and authentication standards, email reputation, and legislation regulating email practices.

You’ll also cover advanced Deliverability concepts. You will dive deeper into email list and content topics such as DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance), spam filter definitions, and ISP rules and specifics. The class will also cover ISP topics like feedback loops, deliverability signals, and best sending practices.

You’ll leave the class with a laundry list of things to check once you’re back at the office, plus copies of the presentation decks and Arrendale’s book, Deliverability Inferno: Helping Email Marketers Understand the Journey from Purgatory to Paradise.  

More class details

Instruction + interaction: Deliverability experts from Inbox Pros lead the sessions, which include both lively instruction and interactive activities that help attendees understand and engage with the material.

Attendees are invited to bring specific deliverability issues to get general advice from the trainers. “People in the class can ask the trainers specific questions related to their issue. This helps others in the class learn about tackling real-life email issues,” Chris says.

Marketers and IT welcome: Sessions are designed for all those involved in the sending of emails, including email specialists, marketing team members who include email marketing among other job duties, and IT staff. It’s a must-attend for those who need to learn more about email-specific practices and standards.

“The classes are geared more toward email marketers, but, at the same time, there are aspects of IT that we go over that help bridge the gap between marketing and IT,” Chris says. This makes it possible for both groups to work cooperatively to address email deliverability challenges when they arise.

“It’s important that marketers have that relationship with IT, and vice versa, and we give participants things to work on to ensure they have that good relationship. In our most recent class, people told us they now felt comfortable talking to the IT team about deliverability items, now that they understood the technical language.”  

Absolute beginner? Come on in!  “The classes start at the baseline level and then build on what you learn,” Christine says. “Deliverability is like an onion. It has so many layers, and we help you peel them away one by one.”

“Deliverability is a matter of building strong relationships with the ISPs and showing them that you’re not malicious or abusive, that your recipients really do want the content you’re sending. It’s a matter of learning how to navigate in this complex environment.”

Is Gmail the bane of your email existence? You aren’t alone! In fact, part of the class focuses on learning how Gmail works. You’ll learn about the strategies and tactics you need to deliver successfully to your Gmail subscribers. Now that Gmail is vying with Apple’s iOS for the number 1 spot in email client market share, this information is crucial for email marketers.

Need to justify the class fee? Here’s how to sell your boss on it.

“There are tons of different marketing practices that are good or bad for email delivery,” Zack Aab says, a Senior Deliverability Strategist. “What you’ll take away from the class is understanding the impact these practices have on your program so you can make more educated decisions about how you use email for marketing.”

“The point of improving deliverability is increasing your email program’s ROI. The better your deliverability, the higher the engagement, the better your ROI. That’s because you know what you’re doing instead of guessing or relying on outdated or incorrect information.”

Still not sure?  Here’s what some past attendees have said…

“Went to this last year. I use what I learned all the time. If they come back to Denver I will attend (sic) again just to see what has already changed since last year. Chris is a great resource after the classes too! You leave with a copy of his deliverability book when you attend. I loved the class and asked for a raise after. My boss refused and another company found me and offered me $40k more a year for my Salesforce and Deliverability Certifications. I can’t thank Inbox Pros enough!”  -Corrina Cohen, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

“I appreciated the transparency behind the processes involved in deliverability. Objective and informative.”

-Brad from MassMutual

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To learn more about the current schedule of Email Deliverability Certification Classes, including dates, locations, fees and trainers, visit the official information page.

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