Happy 4th of July.

Andrew Kordek

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I would like to take this opportunity from all of here at Trendline Interactive to wish all of you a very safe and happy 4th of July celebration.  Its hard to believe that 50% of the year has gone by and I am writing this 4th of July post, but it is.  As of this writing most of the country is in a terrible heatwave and we will be entering into the critical election months very shortly.  The summer is full swing at the Kordek household with almost daily trips to the pool and a seemingly endless supply of stuff to BBQ outside.

As we take a moment this week to celebrate our freedom and spend time with those that we care a lot about, I would like to say thank you to a few people:

  1. To the employees of Trendline: Alex, Daniel, Michele, Odette, Cynthia, Neil, Corey, Jeremy and Jenn.  You guys rock and I could not be more proud and humble to work with you.  Enjoy the time off with your family and friends and come back to work refreshed and ready to kick butt in H2
  2. To Morgan (my business partner):  Thank you for putting up with me, my antics and my intensiveness. You are a great man, an awesome leader and I am honored to be your business partner.
  3. To our customers:  You guys are truly awesome and not only do I hope you are inspired by our work, but I hope that we continue to learn from one another. Thanks for helping us keep the lights on and most importantly, thank you for giving us the ability to work on your programs and make them even better.
  4. To our partners:  Thank you…you mean the world to us and we hope our relationships become stronger and we do even greater work together.
  5. To those that served: It goes without saying, but thank you for your sacrifices to make this a great country.  When I stand up at the local parade here in Chicago and give honor to our Flag and the veterans who walk with it both in body and in spirit, know that I shed tears every time at how proud I am to be an American.
  6. To my friends and colleagues in the email industry: I am honored to know you.  While some of us have a difference in opinion on certain topics as it relates email marketing, know that I respect yours as I hope you respect mine.  You challenge Trendline and myself to become a better email marketer and I could not ask for more.
  7. Last but not least….my family:  You put up with a crazy father, uncle, son and an even crazier husband and I love you for it.  Thank you for allowing to me to pursue my dream.  You mean more to me than you will ever know or hear me say.

I have always looked at the 4th of July as a mid year gut check and a time to celebrate our freedom with family and friends.  I love the summer, the fireworks, the cookouts and the all around fun that comes with this time of year and I wish all of you reading this the same.

Let Freedom Ring!


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Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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