How To React Quickly In Email – Take It From Spirit Airlines

Andrew Kordek

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We preach relevancy.  We preach timeliness.  We preach content.  We preach humanization. We preach a lot.  Sometimes we see the fruits of our “preachy-ness” and sometimes not.

Regardless of your political affiliations, this email from Spirit Airlines exemplifies the ability to connect relevant information (The Presidential Debates last night content) with timeliness.  Whether  you like the messaging or the creative or not, you have take this little nugget of brilliance from Spirit to capitalize on a current event for ROI.  Some companies plan emails 3, 4 or even 8 weeks in advance.  Spirit delivered this content in just over 14 hours.

See the whole email here:



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Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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