How to Sync Sales & Marketing for Successful Growth

Colleen Preisner

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Often considered the Hatfields and McCoys of the business environment, sales and marketing are two dueling teams that need to get along and call a truce. Now more than ever, marketers and salespeople need to make collaborative efforts to stay ahead of the ever-changing business environment. A communicative, synced sales and marketing department is as effective as it is imperative to success.

Below, we have some questions you should ask about items that need to be in-sync.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Are the nurture streams effective? Do they need to be tweaked?
  • Is marketing holding onto leads too long–or not long enough?
    • What feedback are you getting from your sales team?
  • Is the most relevant collateral being used to groom and grow leads?
    • Are prospects receiving that collateral?

Sales Technique

  • The sales team needs which touchpoints and marketing materials in order to close deals?
  • Is the sales team making the correct number of touches to prospects?
  • Has the sales team been informed of all pertinent details to best expedite the sales process?

All In This Together

The relationship between sales and marketing affects customer relationships, and generated growth and revenue depend on the teams working together. A successful interdepartmental exchange between these two teams exhibits communication, feedback, and clarity about each other’s responsibilities and actions. Perhaps this is the most important question: What does your customer base want? Some of the best data a marketing team can receive comes from the insights your sales team gets from conversations with prospects. When we encourage sales and marketing employees to partner together, we drive home the value of teamwork and the potential to serve.

The 2016 Harvard Business Review article, ‘Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing’, best describes the results that come from a well-nurtured relationship between sales and marketing:

Carefully planned enhancements will bring salespeople’s intimate knowledge of your customers into the company’s core. These improvements will also help you serve customers better now and will help you build better products for the future. They will help your company marry softer, relationship-building skills with harder, analytic skills. They will force your organization to closely consider how it rewards people and whether those reward systems apply fairly across functions. Best of all, these improvements will boost both your top-line and bottom-line growth.

How is your sales and marketing team working together to achieve optimal results?

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