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Andrew Kordek

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As most of you are aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have seen numerous campaigns from the local events to NFL players showing their support on the field. Since email marketing tends to be such a highly visible and profitable medium, you don’t see many companies dedicate an entire email to raising awareness of any particular cause.  Occasionally you will find some organizations who put a slot or banner into their regular cadence or promotional email perhaps to heighten the attention of its subscriber base, but rarely do you see an entire email dedicated to anything other than sales these days.

Enter ULTA and the email that I received the other day. The entire email is a postcard from the CEO asking you to take the email “lovenote” and encourage women in our lives to schedule a checkup and to increase breast cancer awareness.  The email offers you a choice to send from 4 FREE lovenote e-Cards to send to friends etc…

I love this email. I love this email not only because of the creative and the message, but the fact that ULTA dedicated an entire send and creative for this email.  There was no selling, no special discount offer for the month in this email or anything even remotely close to something pushing any product.  I love it when the power of email is used for good and when its done well.  I am sure it hit several million people and I hope something like this goes viral. They have integrated facebook into the email (only real beef is that they left out the ability for me to share it on twitter) and give you the ability to learn more about Breast Cancer Research. The only ULTA branding on this email is the logo at the bottom of the postcard and the navigation, but that is about it.

I think that leveraging the power of email and the engagement of your subscriber base in social awareness campaigns is essential to a good program. It shows that you are human. It shows that you put a stake in the ground..not for a banner or a line in the “whats on sale” or “regular newsletter” email, but for a cause that is near and dear to your organizations heart.

At Trendline, we talk a lot to our customers about taking your program to a new level.  We talk about unique ways to engage your subscriber and provide them with relevant content. We ask an insane amount of questions about programs and plans and social integration and activation and so on.  Whether or not this sort of thing is on your radar, have a plan to at least support something in a selfless sort of way in your email program.  Don’t do it to make yourself feel better or that its some box that you need to check off for the year.  Do it because your organization is dedicated to a cause..whatever cause that may be.

Congrats ULTA, you just made me a believer in your email channel.

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