iPhone Vs. BlackBerry: Marketers Win Either Way

Andrew Kordek

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According to Gartner’s recent publication “Market Share: Smartphones, Worldwide, 1Q08,” the BlackBerry led U,S. market share with 42% of the market. Only one year after the initial release of the iPhone, Apple climbed to the second slot with 20% of the U.S. smartphone market. As these two juggernauts fight for control of the smartphone market, email has become the primary battleground.

In a nutshell, the race is between Apple’s ability to get backend support up to speed with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and RIM’s ability to get user experience up to par with the iPhone. With momentum from last year already on Apple’s side, will last week’s presentation by Steve Jobs at the WWDC 2008 conference mark the beginning of RIM’s fall from glory?

In terms of functionality, the new Apple 3G launch is focused on addressing three “challenges”:

1) Speed – addressed through 3G network support from which the new phone derives its’ name.
2) Enterprise support – addressed through Exchange ActiveSync which provides simple setup and integration with MS Exchange
3) Third-party applications – addressed through the SDK platform

While considerable noise has been made about the speed and announcement of a third-party application store, the big thing for email marketers is Apple’s second priority — the one right behind speed. If you have any question about the strategic value of email, just consider where Apple is focusing their attention-email. With the inclusion of Exchange ActiveSync and rollout of an enterprise test program to 35% of the Fortune 500, Apple has identified their key focus in the war on RIM.

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Originally from “IPhone Vs. BlackBerry: Marketers Win Either Way”| Published June 25, 2008

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