Leveraging Social Media for Email Acquisition – 3 Simple Tips

Andrew Kordek

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Nearly every email conference, white paper, blog post and webcast today is focused in some part on the use/leveraging the power of social media. Social CRM scares the heck out of marketers and its especially true when you start talking about the ability to integrate your social strategy with your email marketing efforts.

Flip the coin and enter the email marketers world and a hot topic always discussed is email acquisition.  How and what companies are doing to ensure that the quality of the acquired subscriber remains high while trying to maintain the quantity goal set forth by the organization.

Some of the debates that I have been involved in the past have always centered around Co-reg, increased PPC spend, affiliate, append and on and on.  However, one topic that seems new to the equation is the ability to leverage social media for acquisition.

There are many ways to use social to acquire email subscribers,  but for this post I will only talk about 3 simple tips:

Tip #1 – Leverage existing social media.

I ask 2 very basic questions when I give this tip.

  1. Does your existing Facebook fan page have an integrated tab for your “fans” to sign up exclusively for your email program?
  2. Do you regularly use your Twitter stream to ask and give incentives for people to sign up for your email program?

If the answer was no, I ask why not? As an organization you will want to give the person every chance to subscribe to your program and what better and easier way than to incorporate this into your existing real estate.  If you are already promoting your social pages within the email, its time to complete the loop.  My colleague, Alex Williams has written in the past on how to set up an email sign up form and perhaps this post will inspire him to do it again.

Tip #2 – Give the power to the subscriber to share.

Enabling your subscriber either at the beginning or during their tenure with your program is an easy way to build your base. Imagine giving the power for your subscriber to share/broadcast onto their networks after they have signed up for your program. How cool would it be for you to test out giving them incentive to do so?  What about in the email?  We see a lot of companies today driving users to their social landscapes, but not a lot giving the subscriber the ability to share and be rewarded for sharing your content and getting people to sign up along the way.

Tip #3 – Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

Any social media campaign should have an email marketing component to it (and vice versa). Email is the digital glue to success and if your organization is not looking at ways to integrate efforts it should.  Remember, you are on the same team and while social media is the bright new shiny object significant efforts should be made to ensure that everyone plays nice in the sandbox. Both parts of the organization to work towards one common goal and that is to serve and ensure the success of one another.

The above tips are by no means a comprehensive list of all the ways to leverage social media for acquisition. Heck, even the tips were a little light on detail, but I believe its a good starting point.  Contact me, should you want further clarification.

Now back to your regularly scheduled marketing efforts.

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