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Andrew Kordek

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This Thursday, I will be attending and speaking at the All About Email Live master class in Atlanta, and I am super excited. The venue is supposed to be uber cool and from what I’m told, it will be a packed house.  I had the honor of speaking at this event last year in NYC and met digital marketers from a variety of companies. The agenda is jam-packed with great speakers, awesome roundtables, and some really killer sponsors.

Whenever I attend a conference, I’m normally pretty good at tweeting what is happening, but I have never been able to blog live from the event as well.  This week, that will change as I will attempt to push a few posts from the event, giving you what I believe are some of the key takeaways from a couple of sessions.

As in conferences past, I have my deck submitted and have been taking some dry runs through my material. I’m super fired up to present, and to learn from other speakers and attendees.

See you on Thursday.

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