Looking Through The Wrong End Of A Telescope

Andrew Kordek

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While the industry buzzes about emerging channels like Facebook, Twitter, MMS, and text messaging, make sure to take it all in context. Without question, things are changing quickly, but these channels are still shaking out. We don’t know what we don’t know about these new channels. Which will persist? What unexpected consequences will come? When personal computers became affordable, there were visions of a paperless office. But desktop printers have fueled paper consumption, not curbed it. Nobody predicted that plot twist.

Twitter’s announcement to include promotions in Twitter searches and eventually in users’ streams makes it clear — we live in interesting times. Will these channels all become so cluttered with advertising that they turn customers away? Debate all you will, but the truth is that we don’t know exactly what the future holds.

Except we do.

Figure 1. Use dynamic content that targets specific segments with content that matches their interests, needs, or location.

The fundamentals are still — well — fundamental. Gen Y consumers want the same things as the generations before them: good products, good deals, and companies that honor the golden rule.

What’s new is the speed at which information travels about which companies are the genuine articles and which are snake oil salesmen.

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Originally From “Looking Through The Wrong End Of A Telescope “| Published April 16, 2010

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