Love Letters to your Customers

Andrew Kordek

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What’s in a message? Besides the business goals we’re all familiar with, what are the emotional aspects? There are many types of messages, and each has a different purpose.  Common types are offers, newsletters, and transactional emails: all with a measurable end goal.

Today is Valentine’s day, and I believe it’s a perfect time to think about letters that don’t have a measurable end goal.  It’s curious to me that talk about Valentine’s Day is directed mostly at romantic couples, but relationships are everywhere around us. As marketers, we need to think about brand and consumer relationships.

Individual consumer relationships are not easy to measure quantitatively, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t critical to marketing.  As you discuss your marketing strategy, here’s an example of a project I did that pulls the messaging together into an interactive, relationship-building experience.

You might think love letters are too time intensive with low return. Investing in customer relationships is not a waste of time. While it may never directly yield a future sale, it may indirectly bring in future leads.

Zappos does a fantastic job of this.  Employees of Zappos get company time to write notes to customers.  If you’ve  been on the Zappos tour in Las Vegas, they’ll explain it to you.  They value their customers, and they spend time letting their customers know it.  I didn’t get why people loved Zappos until recently.  The customer service was phenomenal.  I could probably write a long thesis on it, but just go experience it yourself.

And this Valentine’s Day, go write a love letter – to your favorite customers.


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Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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