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Andrew Kordek

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Corey. This is my first blog post for Trendline Interactive and… well… ever. So I hope you’re as excited for this as I am.

I came to Trendline for the chance to help our clients improve their email programs and make sure their subscribers have positive interactions and lifetime value. Coming from the client side, I can understand the pain points our clients are experiencing as well as the daily ups and downs that go with the execution of their programs. Now, on the agency side, I can take a step back and look at how to improve processes as a whole.

I’ve spent the last 8 years working in market research, internet marketing, database marketing and email strategy, most recently at Lands’ End. With degrees in both IT and Marketing, I look to serve as a bridge between making things pretty (marketing) and making things work behind the scenes (IT). I’m either a really nerdy marketer or a smooth talking tech-geek. Jury’s still out on that one. Either way, this allows me to translate communication between internal departments and integrate third-party products and internal processes, ensuring both teams are headed toward the same goal.

With all of the various channels and components that I’ve worked with in my marketing career, email marketing has always been the one I’ve been most passionate about because it provides benefits to the customer and is profitable for companies – if executed properly.

That is another reason I came to Trendline. This is a group of individuals who are passionate about email, executing it properly and not just doing what’s best for clients but also what is best for customers. It’s one thing to execute well for a company, but if it’s not good for the customer… is it really good for the client? If our clients’ customers aren’t happy and don’t spend more money, our clients aren’t actually benefiting. The key is to build the relationship (sustainability rather than quick sells), which ultimately benefits both sides.

Keeping and Breaking Tradition

Even though Trendline is a young company it has its traditions. We are in the tradition of “developing” company specific best practices. To quote Mr. Morgan Stewart, “We know best practices, but we don’t always follow them. When everyone follows best practice, you’ve merely redefined mediocrity.”

What types of traditions are there? Along with every good tradition, there are bad traditions. One of my favorite “comments” about traditions takes me back to my college days when I would peruse looking for “Motivation”. The one I remember very clearly about tradition said: “Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid.”

While back then, it was entertaining – today that quote actually provides some value. You shouldn’t look to implement best practices or just continue doing what was always done before, but you should look to implement what’s best for your company and customers. You have to find out what works for you and always feel free to question “WHY?”.

Question Everything

Being new to a company is the perfect time for you to analyze everything they do. A new employee is able to bring in a fresh perspective and to realize there are times to break with tradition if the relevance is no longer there. The key is to look at every situation as objectively as you can, every program you run, every process you have in place and continue to ask yourself (or others) “Why?” Because even the best traditions change overtime, so don’t look at it as changing tradition, instead, look at it as improving tradition.

As with all future blog posts – I will end with a quote that I read / heard / saw etc… that I feel applies to this situation and/or business.

“The answers will come. It’s the asking that starts the revolution. So question everything.” –Science channel

Thanks for making it through this first post with me – now let’s get to work on making more money by making email better.

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