Mobile Email: Three Things To Consider Before You Get Started

Andrew Kordek

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Smartphones are having a profound impact on email use. Smartphone sales are surging, and email is one of the most common items people use their smartphone to access. Only calling and texting are more common smartphone activities.

According to U.K.-based research from e-Dialog, one in three consumers say they are accessing email more than ever — in large part because their mobile phones provide them with ever-present access to email accounts. This is consistent with research I have conducted over the years here in the U.S. on behalf of ExactTarget.

Smartphone manufactures have known for some time that email is the key to their success. Email was the driving force behind BlackBerry’s early success, and improving on email user interfaces was a major pillar for both iPhone and Android when they launched.

In June, fellow Email Insider Chad White shared that overall mobile penetration is in the teens, but that some brands are seeing 30% or more of their emails accessed on mobile devices. These numbers are consistent with what we see with clients every day, but these numbers continue to grow as smartphones become ever more accessible.

Given these realities, it is no surprise that the topic of mobile email comes up in nearly every conversation about email marketing strategy and/or design.  So I thought it was finally discuss how (or if you should) to mobilize your email program.

1) Know your audience. Determining your mobile readership is simple. At Trendline Interactive, we use Litmus to determine mobile penetration, but other applications like Mailbox IQ from Pivotal Veracity are also available. Once you know how many of your subscribers are reading your emails on mobile devices, it becomes easier to prioritize. In the past few months, we have had clients with less than 5% mobile readership, while others had nearly 40% mobile readership. If your mobile readership is low, then there are probably better ways to invest your resources, but if you are seeing 20% or higher mobile readership, it’s time to get moving.


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Originally from “Mobile Email: Three Things To Consider Before You Get Started” | Published August 17, 2011

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