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Andrew Kordek

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As we slowly drive into the Holiday season, many companies are putting the finishing touches on their Holiday campaign schedules and themes.  One thing that most eTailers do during this time of year is dramatically increase their cadence to their subscribers beginning with Black Friday and  ending sometime in the New Year.  Subscribers expect it and companies need it..but it doesn’t have to start with Black Friday.  Here are some tips/ideas that you can implement between now and Black Friday to start to increase your volume now as opposed to “when everyone else is going too”

1. Send one extra email a week building the hype of your Holiday promotions.

This is assuming that your organization is going to do something truly unique or spectacular for the subscriber/customer.  Anticipation emails tend to resonate with the subscriber base, assuming that it is inline with the company brand.

2. Within the next 2 weeks, send an email indicating your increased cadence during the holiday season.

This is your chance as a company to let the subscriber know that more email is coming and a good chance to get your subscribers to whitelist or be on the look out, especially if you are increase cadence to specific days of the week.  Zappos had a brilliant email last year that did this very thing and while they didn’t give me the ability to opt-down or anything, it was refreshing to know that they were going to increase frequency pretty dramatically during the Holiday’s

3. Send a wish list email every week.

This email can be tailored to the subscriber to go to your site and fill in what their wish list is for this year with your brand.  You can either use it to target or cross promote other areas of your brand such as social channels.

4. Promote profile creation or show ease of use on your site thru email.

This is often overlooked by retailers because they may have deployed changes on their sites months ago and the average customer may not know this.  The purpose of this email would be to inform the subscriber that changes to the site were made (either checkout or something unique) and the email could be messaged with content to assist the subscriber as they gear up for the holiday season.

5. A free shipping email.

Ok..ok…most companies will do free shipping during the season, but this would be a great email to send now to have them sign up on the site and earn some free shipping threshold rewards.  You can leverage this email to have subscribers create accounts (so you can profile and segment) along with giving them incentives to do so early to receive something special.

6. A chose your time email.

This email would solve a few issues for you as the sender and for them as the recipient. The premise behind this email is to ask your subscriber base when they would want to get their emails from you.  Offer a 2-3 hour window for at least Black Friday/Cyber Monday and other important days and then deliver the email during that window time.  Once the subscriber choses that time, trigger an email 72 hours after they made that select to confirm and offer choice to change.  You can then lead up to that day by sending them additional emails with extra incentives should they act upon that email within that time frame that they chose.

7. A complete update email.

This email could inform the subscriber of local store presence, optimal ordering times and shipping threshold dates to receive their product in time for Christmas.  This email would strictly be to inform the subscriber of all things Holiday with your brand and serve as a good reminder to keep your brand top of mind.

8. A thank you email.

Yep..sounds easy, but why not send an email to those that purchased only last year but nothing this year from your brand. You can use this opportunity to thank them for last years business and indicate your willingness to serve them again this year.  Remember..this all about relationship building and the more you keep the “inactives” top of mind during this season, the more likely you have an getting a piece of that business back.

9. A personalized shopping cart email.

This is a bit of gamble, but this email would simply be a funny play to your subscriber indicating that their shopping cart is empty and ready for them in the coming weeks.  You can make this email warm and fuzzy and add a little brand humor to make it classy.

10.  A HIVAL email.

Last but not least…I like to call them HIVAL’s or high value customers. These are the folks that drive a boat ton of revenue for your organization in the email program. This would require you segmenting to your best customers (company needs to define) and then an email thanking them for their support and loyalty offering some sort of incentive to shop early for extra loyalty points (if you have a program) or just a plain old thank you..straight from the President or founder wishing them a happy upcoming Holiday season.

There you have it…10 ways to increase you cadence now without seeming too “salesy” or “promotion” driven.  I have a ton more ideas on ways to increase you cadence now, but will reserve more for Trendline customers to really get ahead of the holiday season.

As always, let me know what you think.

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