The One Email Every Program Should Have

Andrew Kordek

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The One Email Every Program Should Have

A couple of years ago, I was in a hotel in NYC and had a major wardrobe malfunction. The only white dress shirt I brought for a meeting that day had a button fall off right as I was heading out the door. This was no ordinary button, it was the button right at my heart level and what it exposed…well you can imagine what would be seen.

I ran down to the front desk and asked if they had a sewing kit so that I could do my best at trying to repair this thing before heading out in the next 10 minutes. For context, I have never sewn on a button in my life, but I figured I would be able to cobble something together to make it work. When the front desk person noticed the look of terror on my face and sensing that I was out of my league, she offered to help. 5 minutes later, she appeared at my door with a smile and a fixed button. I thanked her profusely and made a mental note of her name. On my way out, I grabbed the manager’s card with his contact info. On the plane ride back, I sent him and the woman a thank you email to which they replied graciously and told me that I had made their day. They explained that they normally get emails from angry people about their stay and they could not remember the last time someone took the time to genuinely thank them.

In the world we live in, which is more divisive than ever, a thank you and a smile go a long way. To that end, when was the last time you thanked your subscribers? Not the obligatory thanks after a sale, or a self-serving thank you that is a blatant attempt at false gratitude; I mean a genuine thank you. An authentic show of appreciation that not only acknowledges them for their years of being a valuable customer or a subscriber, but connects with them in a personal way. A thank you, not from a talking head or executive board member, but someone who can relate and connect.

If you don’t have the right data to use to your advantage then build it. Strive to make each and every message more personalized, because a little will go a long way.


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