One Of The Longest Emails I Have Ever Seen – How To Know What You Are Doing Works.

Andrew Kordek

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Brace yourself…I have seen a lot of email in my days, but I haven’t seen too many emails which embody length like this one from  It’s long…wicked long.  I am not saying this uber-long email doesn’t work, because I don’t have access to their numbers, but what I am saying is that if you send out emails like this, you better be sure that you are looking at click tracking using some sort of click map.  If it works, great..if it doesn’t, then find something else that will work.

The key takeaway here is that sometimes brands think it’s a good idea to do stuff and rarely test or ensure that something this extreme will work on a consistent basis.  Make sure that the changes you make to your email program, whether it be short or long copy or long or short subject lines, can be read and analyzed so you can understand what your subscribers are telling you.  The key to change or consistency in email marketing is making sure your subscribers’ actions are telling you what to send.


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