9 Tips for Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2019

Alex Williams

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A new year means new ideas, and new best practices, for email marketers. The platform experts at Trendline have compiled their top tips to help you get more out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and your email program, in 2019.


Comment your AMPscript code. You never know who may have to maintain it.

—Chester Bullock, Vice President, Solutions Consulting


Use code snippets in Content Builder to not add padding to your dynamic content.

— Mollie Ficarella, Solutions Consultant


Instead of using !=”” in AMPscript, use NOT Empty()

%%[IF @FirstName !=”” THEN]%%

%%=ProperCase(@FirstName)=%%, the




Is commonly used ampscript to properly form the subject line depending on if first name is populated or not. If you are using this in tandem with a lookup function and the record you are trying to look up does not exist in the lookup table, the code breaks and the SL will display as

“ ,the…”. If you use NOT EMPTY instead, the SL will display correctly regardless if it finds a matching record or not.

%%[IF NOT EMPTY(@FirstName) THEN]%%

%%=ProperCase(@FirstName)=%%, the




— Elise Pearson, Solutions Architect


Dynamic Coding is not just a cliché. Make your data relevant and leverage it. Front to Back: Personalized Messages, Dynamic Tracking, and even posting to Send Logs for reporting. You’ll allow the data and scripting to do the work. Which will minimize mistakes and remove human error.

— Eric Kriegermeier, Senior Platform Specialist


Document complex automations, especially those that feed journeys. At some point you, or someone else, will want to modify the automation. It helps immensely to understand why things were done a certain way.

—Chester Bullock, Vice President, Solutions Consulting


Drop a query into a simple automation so you can see when it finishes (or fails) instead of just wondering.

— Amy Collins, Solutions Architect


If you have multiple data extensions that need to be created, create them at the root level (Main Data Extension Folder) and then move them all at once to the desired target folder. This will save time because you don’t have to navigate the file path each time a new one is created. You can move all at once.

— Stephen Schweiss, Senior Platform Specialist


Code AMPscript defensively! Be sure to account for the default data.

— Rogelio Medel, Senior Email Platform Specialist


Reduce IF/THEN statements in AmpScript by using the AmpScript function LookUpRows and a data extension.

—Amy Collins, Solutions Architect

If you’re interested in talking to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert, or want help in growing your email program send us a note. We’re always happy to help.

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