Social Vs. Email: It’s The Wrong Debate

Andrew Kordek

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Earlier this month, fellow Email Insider columnist Elie Ashery wrote “Social Media Vs. Email: The Debate Continues.” Elie’s right that there is a social vs. email debate going on; however, I’m not sure it’s a valid debate.  In fact, casting it as a debate makes it sound like marketers need to choose sides when, in fact, the real issue is one of integration, not selection.

Research Fueling the Perceived Divide

In March, Nielsen Online released a report on the use of social networks under the headline “Social Networks & Blogs Now 4th Most Popular Online Activity, Ahead of Personal Email.” According to Nielsen, the global active reach of email in December 2008 was 65.1% compared to 66.8% for member communities.

But wait a sec.  At the same time Nielsen was releasing its data, Pew Internet found that 91% of online adults use email, compared to 35% of adults who use social networking sites.  Confused?  You have every right to be.  Two very respected organizations seem to be saying very different things about the usage of social and email.

Digging into the Nielsen Data

To get to the bottom of the issue, I spoke with Jon Gibbs, vice president of media analytics for Nielsen Online. According to Gibbs,  “There are two things to consider. First, Pew Internet collects their data through surveys while we collect data through our observations of an online panel. Surveys are prone to overestimation. Second, we only track email accessed through a Web site.”

The Council for Research Excellence recently looked at the issue of overestimation of self-reported media consumption. They found that while survey respondents underreport the amount of time watching TV and overreport time spent watching online video, self-reported data on overall time spent online is only slightly underreported. This does not mean email use isn’t overreported, but it doesn’t imply the presence of a smoking gun either.

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Originally from “Social Vs. Email: It’s The Wrong Debate”| Published April 29, 2009

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