Three Standout Subject Lines (and More!) from My Inbox This Weekend

Andrew Kordek

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My inbox this past weekend was an interesting one. It had 3 standout subject lines and one very compelling, well-messaged piece of creative.

Tastefully Suggestive

Tasting Table was able to use a rather suggestive and well known saying to push an article about our love for skewering meals. It caught my attention not only for its uniqueness, but also its ability to put a slant on something that people might normally find boring.

Tasting Table


Pictograph Me Like It’s 2012

The New York Times used a pictograph in its subject line that caught my eye. I wonder if NYT or anyone else has seen a sustainable impact in their engagement through the use of these things. While the debut of pictographs in subject lines dates back to 2011 or so, it seems that some organizations are still using them.


CURVE Maximized

Back in 2013, Alex Williams wrote about his CURVE theory on writing subject lines. This one from Orbitz certainly uses both Curiosity and Emotion for me. Curiosity, because the implied question is unanswered (obviously), but also Emotion, because travel, adventure, and discovery are all things through which I find fulfillment. One could also argue that it hits the “Relevance” angle. Read the original post here, and then let us know what you think in the comments.


I have a Pin Twin!!

According to Pinterest, someone shares the same taste in Pins as I do. This clever email got me to open and click, and even find out that my Pin twin is real. We really do share some of the same Pins. This email tactic is a perfect way to get someone who hasn’t engaged with the site in quite some time to come back and do some Pinning. Great work Pinterest….you had me at “twin.”



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