Staying on the Deliverability Nice List this Holiday Season

Lucy Darby

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Staying on the Deliverability Nice List this Holiday Season

*The Inbox Examiner Series is a discussion around the many challenges in the email marketing industry, with proven solutions from leading industry experts.

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It’s here, that magical time of year; prepping for Holiday email campaigns. Every marketer steps up their email game and before they know it, they find that their campaigns are dealing with some major deliverability issues. But why? What makes sending during the Holiday season different from the rest of the year?

While most of us email marketers tend to be on our best behavior year-round, following best practices and delighting our customers, it can be tempting to throw everything out the window and send, send, send during the Holidays. Subscribers go into consumer mode and marketers want to capitalize on that, which is understandable. But could it be possible that the majority tend to go about this the wrong way? Absolutely. Just because your subscribers are vulnerable to advertisements during this time of year, does not mean you need to bombard their inbox with anything and everything. Focus should be on the quality of content and smart strategies.


holiday deliverability issues


To help you create impactful Holiday email campaigns and avoid the deliverability pitfalls of the Holiday season, we’ve brought in two deliverability experts. Andrew Kordek, Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive, discusses best strategies for this time of year based on his 15 + years in the email marketing industry. Deliverability Specialist, Ashley August, brings her insights from working as a deliverability expert at Inbox Pros.

Our industry experts will cover the top three deliverability challenges during the holiday season:

  1. List Hygiene
  2. List Fatigue
  3. Visibility in the Inbox


For deliverability strategies that get your campaigns to the inbox, no matter what season, contact the experts at Trendline today.


To learn more about these challenges and the solutions provided by our speakers, watch the video here.



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