Surviving College Without A Mobile Phone? Are You Kidding?

Andrew Kordek

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My time here at Trendline Interactive has been one of the most educational, challenging and enjoyable opportunities that I have engaged in during my college tenure. Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Tanner, and I was brought on to the Trendline team as a research intern this summer .

As a college student surrounded by technology veterans I have learned that my perspective on email marketing is very different. The “Vets” scope of thinking is strongly influenced by using their past experience and present knowledge to determine the future. Because of my lack of hands on experience, I see this as a valuable learning opportunity for me to learn from the “Wise”.

I also hope to give something valuable back to Trendline. As a young college student, who is being educated during the prime of the “Technology Boom”, I have an insightful and fresh perspective of the current state of technology and also the future. I have much to learn, but can apply my current experience to help Trendline continue to be one of the best email marketing companies in the industry. I want to take the time now to share a few of my thoughts about what I see as one of the most important factors in the state of technology: the mobile phone.

Our Phones Have Become Our Lives.

I can’t imagine going to college when beepers, pay phones and house phones were the standards of communication. (Whew, got nervous just thinking about it!) My generation is so dependent on our phones that we go crazy if we lose them for an hour, much less a day. My generation is constantly on their phone texting, emailing, checking Facebook, reading, looking at videos, using face time interactions, and the list goes on. People are on their phone all the time and do everything on them.

There seems to be a generational divide as I consistently get frustrated with my parents about what I feel is their “lack” of mobile phone savvy. Smartphones are becoming the standard of mobile usage, not only for my generation but for older generations as well. Moreover, mobile email opens are beginning to take over desktop email opens [Litmus 2012] at a rapid pace as smartphones are generally becoming the standard platform for all forms of communication. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years people are using their mobile phones for e-commerce more than they use their desktop.

For these reasons and many more, I see how important it is to stay updated with how smartphones are making our lives more convenient. The iOS and Android platforms are clearly dominating the market [Lookout] and should be viewed as the trailblazers of smartphones (i.e. what every young person can’t live without).The features and perks that these phones offer provide insight on what people value most when communicating, such as convenience. If I can use my phone to help me look for hotel deals, reply to emails, take pictures, make grocery list, chat, and find gas stations, then I am going to use it for everything and be on it 24/7. From a marketer’s standpoint this is the green light to take advantage of these opportunities, focus on how technology affects mobile users and figure out how to interject yourself – or your brand – alongside consumers’ mobile experience. Basically, if you aren’t considering mobile phone usage then you aren’t marketing to me and my generation. And for most companies, that seems like too big of a population to ignore.

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