The 12 Steps For Wayward Email Programs

Andrew Kordek

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As an Email Insider regular, you’ve probably got a long list of things you “should” do, but simply can’t accomplish. The reason may be resources, internal politics, or technical limitations. These hurdles can be incredibly frustrating. If this is you, consider the following, liberally modified from traditional 12-step programs, for reinvigorating your email program and taking it to the next level.

Step 1: Admit that your program is headed down an undesirable and unmanageable path. Are response rates dropping? Do you have to pump more and more money into email acquisition just to keep revenue at its current level? If your days are still spent simply getting email out the door, it may be time to admit defeat. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of managing an email program and lose sight of the big picture. If you think there may be a problem, your subscribers already know there is one.

Step 2: Believe that your email program can be restored to sanity. Everyone believes their program could be better, but improving segmentation or customizing messages can sound daunting – though such tasks not need mean more work in the long run. Many companies improve relevance while cutting the day-to-day maintenance required to run their programs. Remember: “Work smarter, not harder.”

Step 3: Make a decision to get help. We are often too close to our own programs. We need an external perspective. Consultants can provide that, pointing out holes in the current, or proposed, program that you wouldn’t normally consider. Moreover, if organizational challenges are impeding progress, a good consultant will be able to play the “bad cop” role in proposing the new plan to stakeholders.

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Originally From “The 12 Steps For Wayward Email Programs”| Published August 19, 2009

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