The Best of Trendline 2018

Hannah Wilson

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With 2019 already in full swing, we’ve compiled a list of our top-read articles from last year. Check them out below to see what others were reading and how they improved their email programs in 2018.


What is a Deliverability Audit?

A deliverability audit takes time. It’s thorough and requires ample analysis. Read more about what should be looked at in your email program and how Trendline can help.


Optimize Before You Strategize

Read about how our Operations Consultants at Trendline help enterprise clients transform their email marketing programs with an actionable strategy and uncover process efficiencies.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire An Email Marketing Agency?

 Whether you go the retainer route or opt to work on a per-project basis, working with an agency is a highly collaborative endeavor. Read more about the benefits of an agency. Though email boasts the highest ROI of any digital channel, it only works when done correctly—and collaboratively.


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