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Andrew Kordek

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Over the last 13-15 months, many brands have been sending emails to build fans and followers in the social channels.  Social Experts and studies have confirmed that just because you have a large fan or follower base does not guarantee loyalty or even consistent brand awareness.

Companies have sent and continue to send dedicated emails to have their subscribers “like” them on Facebook.  Some offer discounts. Some leverage big numbers (i.e.: Help us get to XX,XXX “likes”) in their content.  Some have a social dedicated button in each email hoping to catch the eye of the subscriber. Others weave the “conversation” aspect of social media into their content, while others just simply use a combination of things to drive people to the social channels.  I can’t comment on what works or what are the most successful campaigns since I am not privy to their numbers or to their strategic direction of the programs.

I see a lot of email campaigns that are dedicated to driving awareness to the social channel. I have a whole folder of these things in Evernote and scan my inbox weekly for this kind of stuff to gauge new trends or interesting creative.  This past week, I ran across an email from Daily Candy that struck my eye.  While most of the social media awareness campaigns tend to focus on one channel, the Daily Candy email tries to use a conversational tone (something that we have learned in social media) and sells the value of each channel using whimsical content (as DC is known for) and is spot on with the creative elements given the demographics of the subscriber base.

The thing that took me over the edge on how much I dug this email was the subject line:  #WhatWe’reDoingOnlineAllDay  It was so appropriate for the emails purpose and it got me (yes..even little ol’ me) to open and check the email out.  It was a great departure from the typical subject line that normally accompanies these types of emails.

So….Daily Candy….congrats you won the October Trendie.  Please call or tweet me to claim your “virtual” high five from me.

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