The Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Your Email Program This Holiday Season.

Andrew Kordek

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I like lists. I make a lot of them in my life, so I thought I would share a Top 10 list in the spirit of a little humor as we head into the most stressful season for us email marketers.

Here goes…

  1. Auto opt-in everyone when they check out.  Make it so they can’t uncheck the box when they checkout to receive their next 50% off discount tomorrow.
  2. Resend the same creative, with the same subject line, with the same discount 5 days in a row, (just in case they didn’t see it the last 4 days) because you have seen revenue come in each time.
  3. Send out an “oops” email 3 hours after your first email, because your site went down for 5 seconds and you wanted to let everyone know that it was down in hopes of garnering more sales.
  4. Send out your Black Friday email to the segment of the database that you have rested since July because you had deliverability issues in June.
  5. Send out a confirmation email to people that unsubscribe, confirming their unsubscription and offer them 15% off to re-join the list when the next days email gives a 40% discount.
  6. Send a dedicated holiday email promoting your mobile app which comes on a non-mobile optimized email which takes you to a non-mobile optimized website which then directs the subscriber to an app store where your mobile app has a 1 star rating.
  7. Do a FW: campaign.  FW:  your own holiday email sale with a personal note from the CMO and make the email from the CMO. (make sure to put his/her picture in it….and ask for a $5 donation/contribution)
  8. Send out an email once every other hour to those that don’t open in hopes of “pushing to the top of the inbox” and because you heard that sending email to those that don’t open works.
  9. On the 12 days of Christmas campaign, send 6 emails each day reminding them each hour that the day’s sale ends in 6 hours….5 hours…4 hours….3 hours….2 hours…1 hour. Then if you are feeling really ambitious…send one last one with 30 minutes and another 2 hours after that day expires saying that the day is now extended for another 12 hours.
  10. Remember that CD you found in the third drawer of your desk when you took over the job.  You know..the one that said 13,000,000 consumer email address’ (double opt in)…yea….blast them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  11. (because you all have so much patience and were able to read to here without milk spilling out your nose…here is 0) Send out an email every day saying that the previous sale has now been extended due to popular demand. This way….someone will be confused about what really is the current sale and buy something anyway.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of foolishness.  Enjoy the next few weeks my email brethren.  Be safe and I will see you on the other side.

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