Three Things From This Weekend’s Inbox

Andrew Kordek

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Here are three things from this past weekend that stood out in my inbox:

The Best Birthday Email

This past weekend was my birthday, and after sifting through all of the typical birthday emails, this Virgin American one stood out for two reasons. First, it had an animated Richard B. dancing in the hero image, which was a nice, humorous touch.  Second, (and more importantly) it did have a sale attached to it.  While I love a good sale, I also like getting stuff for doing nothing, and they added points to my account.  Rock on, Virgin America.Virgin


The Best Subject Line

I have a weird sense of humor, and I love to get SLs that make me think, as well as open no matter what.  This past weekend, Urbandaddy sent me this gem.



The Best Spam 

I’m actually one of those guys that likes to check my spam folder.  Check out this one especially for the imagery.  For the record, my wife has a degree in psychology, and she says I’m okay.


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