Two Things From My Inbox

Andrew Kordek

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Here are two things from my Inbox that I believe are share-worthy:

Sent From My iPhone

I subscribe to all of the potential presidential candidates’ email programs (so don’t think I am affiliated in any way with any candidate), and this one from Ted Cruz is interesting.  For those of us who work in email marketing, I think we can all agree that this was almost certainly not sent from his iPhone. However, it does add an interesting personal touch to the email. Recipients could be thinking that he is, in fact, just sending them an email from his device in order to encourage donations.  It dovetails with the reminder aspect of the previous email (you can see the first line of the original email at the bottom of the image), but keen-eyed readers will notice the subtle appearance of the Bluehornet in the ‘From’ field.  Let’s see if any other candidates follow suit.


Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

As parents, we always struggle to do the right thing, especially in the area of coolness.  My wife and I were finally able to get a commitment from my teenage son to get a haircut.  Not too short, but not too long either.  He wanted to get it done quickly and then move on.  We headed over to our local Hair Cuttery, where they have my son’s profile and preferences (down to the clipper-guard number) and was able to get out of there with a pretty decent cut. Even my son was pretty impressed.

The next day, we received this thank-you email asking us to take a survey about our experience. Apart from the imagery (I would have preferred that they used an image featuring a man, or even just something more related to our visit), I think this illustrates the importance of using email to keep customers happy.  A simple thank-you goes a long way, and while there are always better ways to do things, I just like the fact that that they took the time to thank me for my visit. It really does leave me with a lasting impression of the brand. If you don’t have a thank-you email, you should consider it, even if only to test out loyalty or as a follow-through on your brand promise.

‘Thank you’ goes a long way, even in the smallest of transactions.

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