What a long strange trip its going to become.

Andrew Kordek

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Wow!!  What an awesome 5 or 7 weeks its been!

I remember the night Morgan and I talked about forming an agency as well as mapping our vision we had to really take the market by storm. I was pacing around my neighborhood talking to him on the phone with all of these crazy thoughts in my head and it truly got me nervous. I went to sleep that night thinking it was his way of trying to punk me or something and the reality set in when we traded emails over the next few days.  The more and more I thought about what we talked about, the more and more I became excited.  Needless to say, I am excited, honored, humbled and scared all rolled up into one to start this new adventure in my career.

The next few weeks, months and years you will learn all about me and my style and approach to email and digital marketing. In short, I am a no nonsense, tell you like it is combustion engine of energy email marketer.  My approach to email marketing is simple: “The subscriber is in charge”  Whether you want to believe it or not, you…..meaning your organization really doesn’t have a choice but to give what the subscriber wants.  I will go into this concept in future posts and I look forward to a healthy conversation around this very topic.

I don’t like making promises I cannot keep so when I do make them, they are simple and brief.

Here is my  #1 promise to everyone who comes in contact with Trendline Interactive:  Everyone who works at Trendline will understand the “BE” concept.

What is the “BE” concept?  Simple….call me, email me and lets have a conversation.  If within the first 15 minutes of us talking you don’t see the “BE” concept, then I have failed at expressing just how different Trendline is going to “BE”

Fasten your seat belts folks….its going to become a long strange trip.

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Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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