What Holds Marketers Back from Success in This Age of Innovation?


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*This is a support article that provides insight into our latest whitepaper, Measuring the Impact of Innovation in Email Marketing.

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Remember when the marketing-technology landscape looked like this?


Innovation in email marketing


That was back in 2011 when we thought we were living in complex times.

Here’s the landscape today, with 5,000+ logos on the board:


Innovation in email marketing 2


Look at all those companies, ready to solve every marketing problem, from acquisition to retention, from onboarding to loyalty, from extracting every bit of data possible to using it to make messaging more timely and relevant.

So, we’re all at the top of our games, right?

Marketers should be leveraging the insights and efficiencies promised by these mar-tech innovations to drive measurable and demonstrable business results.

But most aren’t. Because they can’t. Marketers everywhere are struggling with two major issues that compete against each other:

  • More pressure than ever on marketers to show and improve marketing results while justifying each financial decision.
  • Too many marketers don’t use analytics to drive decision-making because they lack either the tools or the people and resources to do it.


The only way to know whether the time and money you invest in marketing technology are driving demonstrable business results is to clearly define what success means and then figure out how to measure it.


No one else can define success for you. No new technological breakthrough will magically solve the measurement challenge.

Trendline Interactive is taking on this perennial problem with a new whitepaper. Measuring the Impact of Innovation in Email Marketing examines the problems – what’s holding marketers back – and offers strategies and tactics to both overcome the roadblocks and put innovation to work for sustainable growth and improvement in your business.

Read a sample of the report’s findings below. Then, request your own copy to get our complete findings and recommendations:

Why marketers don’t achieve sustainable growth through innovation

Here’s one reason:

Only 37.5% of marketers use analytics to drive decision-making, according to findings in The CMO Survey of August 2017. The idea that fewer than 4 in 10 marketers use analytics is astounding, given the number of new analytics tools that have been introduced in recent years.


Innovation in email marketing 3


Here’s another reason:

Almost a third of marketers said they don’t have the process or tools they need to measure success, and 28.6 percent don’t have the right people to do it.  


Innovation in email marketing 5


This sets marketers up for failure time and time again. If you can’t define and measure success, you will never know if you are successful.

4 roadblocks to data success

Marketers face four major challenges in achieving sustainable business growth through investment in innovation:

  1. Unstructured data
  2. Not using (the right) analytics  
  3. The hype cycle, the curiosity boost, and unrealistic expectations
  4. Innovations flooding the market, but no reliable way to measure impact or to sustain the change

A bet on any innovation should drive positive, permanent change on your organization’s balance sheet. Inability to do this dooms many of these investments to fail.


Get ready to make today’s innovation environment drive sustained success for your company. Download Measuring the Impact of Innovation in Email Marketing today.




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