What I Learned This Summer – An Intern’s Perspective on Email Marketing

Andrew Kordek

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My time here at Trendline went by way too fast. I am grateful for the people I worked with and learned from. I came into Trendline as an individual who knew little about email marketing programs but am leaving as a new man. I would like to personally thank every member of the Trendline family for helping me out and look forward to working with them again in the future.  Usually when people leave they receive a “going away present” but I’m going to do the opposite by giving a going-away present in lieu to me returning to my Senior Year studies (Fist Pump) at the University of Texas …. my list of 10 rules for Email Marketing programs.

1.Attention to detail

There is a little room for errors in email marketing. Not just as a research intern, but for anyone interested in thriving in the technology industry, attention to detail is key. Be very meticulous with your work and attentive in every small aspect. All the “small” things make the “BIG” difference.

2.”Less is always more”

Simplicity is the key to success. The simpler your email program is, the easier it is for customers to interact. Overly dilated web graphics and complicated instructions turn people away as our generation has developed a very short attention span. Be simple and get straight to the point of what you are offering.

3.”Convenience is key”

Our generation demands fast food, delivery pizza, and music that can be delivered by the click of a mouse. We want gratification instantly, effortlessly, and conveniently. In some ways this has made us lazy, but at the same time, it has taught us how to work smarter as opposed to harder. If you’re going to be offering a technology service, make sure it’s fast, requires as little work from the consumer as possible, and can be conveniently used anywhere.

4. Be future oriented

Technology is consistently and constantly changing its direction. It’s a good start to have a great product that serves the current demands of the market. But the companies that consistently and constantly adapt to the changes of the market are the ones who have the greatest chance of survival. It is imperative to always follow the market and predict the future eventually making decisions based off excellent research and reflection of the current state of email marketing. A great hockey player once said “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”-Wayne Gretzky. Stay ahead of the curve!

5. The youth is the future

Stay young my friends, stay hip, stay in the know, it forever will benefit you in every endeavor of your life. Although many would consider me young, I too find myself becoming disengaged with the generation below me. The youth will one day be the pioneers of the future and it is imperative that you understand this specific segment. If you do, you will have a better understanding of where our future is headed.

6. Globalization

The internet has truly connected the world in ways we never thought imaginable. We can now have face to face interaction while eating breakfast in NY with our friends going to sleep in Hong Kong. With more interaction and learning across the world, the internet has truly begun globalizing technology. We must understand that there is a bigger picture and you can’t just think about your collective state, country, or continent but you must begin thinking about how your email programs impact the world.

7. Social Media is changing everything!

It is important to understand that the younger generation has different channels of socializing including websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the list goes on. Social media has changed the way we interact and has created a demand that technology be more interactive since people have become accustomed to social technology. Be interactive, be social!

8.Our phones have become our lives

My generation is so dependent on our phones that we go crazy if we lose them for 3 hours. People constantly stay on their phone texting, emailing, checking Facebook, reading, looking at videos, video chat, and the list goes on! The features and abilities that phones are providing today, make our lives easier and  communications better. People are on their phone all the time and do everything on them. This seems like a great opportunity.


Technology is making it easier to view videos online. People also have less and less time to read lengthy email descriptions of what your company offers. I once heard that a picture paints a thousand words, so a video must provide a book!  Videos can enhance your product so that people visualize your message clearer.

10. The customer is always right

Listen to your customers, they will tell you what they want. Use this information to make your company as relevant as possible to them. Companies that are very customer centric will create a loyal fan base and by maintaining these relationships will be able to rapidly adjust to industry changes.

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