What Would Chef Ramsay Say?

Andrew Kordek

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It has been said that only two people will tell you the complete truth, a close friend and a mortal enemy. Chef Ramsay, star of “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares,” been called rude, brash, abusive, obscene, sexist, and now even his own mother has called him a liar. Commercials mock his obnoxious childhood. So why should I care what Chef Ramsay has to say about anything? Because regardless of how he says it, you can always count on him to provide an honest assessment. Whether friend or enemy, Ramsay doesn’t sugar-coat anything — and I like that.

We (email marketers) need our own dose of Chef Ramsay. Let me suggest the following translation of his advice to restaurateurs to advice for email marketers (minus the obscenities, of course).

1)     Always look at the bottom line. You only need to watch a few episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares” to know that one of Ramsay’s favorite questions is “how much money are you losing a month?” This is generally the heartfelt part of the show and it demonstrates that he really does care.

Unfortunately, the low cost of email marketing often hides the full impact of poor execution, but it’s there. Have you spent money on bad list sources and not realized it for months? Failed to cross-sell additional products or services in confirmation emails? Failed to send a welcome message? Sent a message with bad links? These are all common problems, but they are easily avoidable mistakes. Don’t make them!

2)     Start with good ingredients and don’t [mess] them up. I feel sorry for every chef who tries to impress Chef Ramsay with overly complicated dishes. Instead of being impressed, he humiliates them. The key to success is good, fresh ingredients and skillful preparation. Trying to get too fancy just messes things up.

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Originally from “What Would Chef Ramsay Say?”| Published June 24, 2009

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