Why an Email Marketing Agency?

Andrew Kordek

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Why an Email Marketing Agency?

Trendline Interactive is a fast growing email marketing agency, and one of the things I spend a lot of time doing is interviewing new talent interested in joining our company.  A question that is commonly asked by candidates is “Why an agency that just focuses on email marketing?”

Six and half years ago when Morgan Stewart and I founded the agency, one could have said that we were absolutely insane to just focus on email.  In fact, back in 2010 Social Media was all the buzz, being the “prettiest girl at the dance,” and both interest in and articles on email marketing were dying off.

Morgan and I saw the opportunity and a hole in the marketplace that had yet to be filled.  There were, of course, general agencies claiming to offer email marketing, as well as digital agencies and email , but no one stood out in the marketplace as having 1) an email pedigree and 2) an understanding and appreciation for the client side of the business and all of the benefits that comes with it.

We wanted to offer brand marketers something unique, something special and have people who knew what it was like to actually run an email program, know the challenges, the importance, the return, and most significantly – what it takes to create and run successful email marketing programs.

Let’s look at this another way. Let’s say that you are a casual runner training for your next big event and happen to fall down doing home improvements, sprain your knee, bruise your hip and twist your ankle.  Chances are you will end up going to the minute clinic or your family physician to get looked at, patched up and administer pain medication to allow you heal.  In parallel, a general agency which offers services such as branding, SEM, SEO, social, site development, and email marketing is like the general practitioner and may be able to help with a basic email program.

However, if your injuries are more severe and need a greater level of care such as surgery on your bones, muscles or joints you end up seeing a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon.  That orthopedic surgeon will also require the assistance of another specialist such as an anesthesiologist when you go under for what sometimes can be a difficult surgery. To that end, you would want to go out and look for the best orthopedic surgeon with years of experience and who understands what the course of treatment should be, because this is all they do.  In addition, you will also want an anesthesiologist who has years of experience and doesn’t have a degree from some offshore, mail in degree medical school.  In short, Trendline is the orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist of the email marketing world.  This is all we do and I think we do it pretty darn well.

As an email marketing agency, we live and breathe email marketing and have the pedigree of seasoned email experts who have actually worked on the client side of the business. Our people have been responsible for some of the largest and most successful email marketing programs in the world; at CareerBuilder, Groupon, Lands’ End, AAA, Ticketmaster, General Mills,, Encyclopedia Britannica, Sears, Quest Software, Zoro, FTD, North America Membership Group, Mercy Corps, dELiA’s and many more.

Some agencies claim that they do it all and might be good for your organization.  But, if your email program is struggling to grow and improve, or you want to become more efficient at production, know that shiny objects are not always the best course to move the needle. You need a specialist email agency that is passionate about figuring it out and delivering success.

Ask the tough questions of any agency you are interested in working with on your email marketing program.  Ask who is on staff and have they been successful on the client side, have they actually pressed the send button?  It takes more than reading a few books and attending a few conferences to be an email marketing expert.  Believe it or not, there is a difference.

Why an email marketing agency?  Simple, when I was on the client side looking for an agency or consultant, I often ran into “email experts” who didn’t have the first clue about ROI or business models. Additionally, their strategic presentations with trends and charts seemed like the same presentation that they made to the other guy down the street.  At Trendline Interactive, how we deal with subscribers is a focus on personalization, segmentation and relevancy. Isn’t it time that you felt that same way with the people you have tasked with helping to optimize or run your email program?


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