Why consumers think your brand doesn’t get it

Andrew Kordek

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“Marketers just don’t get it!” was one common phrase at a conference I attended earlier this month. While quips like this may be useful in drawing the attention of those in the audience, few making these claims ever went on to explain exactly what marketers didn’t get, nor did they offer up any hypotheses about why marketers may be having such a hard time doing so.

Truth is there is simply a huge difference between those that do “get it” and those that do not. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of marketers in the latter camp wandering aimlessly in a multichannel marketing communications landscape that is changing by the day.

This reality crystallized for me recently while working on a two-part research project. First, my firm commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting of marketers’ perceptions and strategies in various multi-channel marketing initiatives. Second, we conducted our own research on how consumers want marketers to communicate with them. Comparing the attitudes of marketers and consumers toward multi-channel marketing shines a spotlight on what marketers aren’t getting.

Here are a few of the areas we have identified where there is a disconnect between marketers and their customers:


Online consumers are growing tired of aggressive marketing tactics. They believe they should be in control of the messages they receive and most simply feel overwhelmed by marketers that invade their personal space.

Interviewing consumers about their perceptions of marketing, the initial reactions were almost always negative. We repeatedly heard comments like, “it’s too much,”  “I just ignore it,” and “it makes me mad.”

But the tone changes when we asked about marketing messages from the brands they have given permission to contact them. When marketing messages come from trusted brands, there is a sense of anticipation for the next deal or next insight — they want to be the first to know.

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Originally from “Why consumers think your brand doesn’t get it”| Published November 5, 2009

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