Why the unsubscribe experience does not have to suck.

Andrew Kordek

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I have a theory that I would like to share.  I have no data or studies to support my theory, but what I do have is evidence in the experiences that I have gone through while trying to unsubscribe from many brands over the years.  My assumption is that those of you reading this post have gone through your fair share of unsubscribe process’ and in fact may have even created or revised a few in your days as a digital marketer.

My theory is that a large portion of organizations fear the unsubscribe. They fear the number, the process and the permanent nature of the act.  With this mind, my theory is that most unsubscribe experiences suck, but I honestly believe that they don’t have too.  In fact, I am willing to say that the unsubscribe experience at all brands should be a great one.  I say this because in some cases, it might be the last experience that people have with your brand and why let it be a sucky one.  So go ahead…take a look at your unsubscribe experience and ask yourselves if you are proud of it and whether or not you would be willing to show it to someone who is special to you.

My advice to all digital marketers and consultants out there is to make the act of unsubscribing a great one.  Make it funny, make it sincere but most of all make it memorable.



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