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The path to becoming an insights driven organization

What We Did:

  • Roadmap Creation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Process Audits
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A large Canadian membership organization is a voice for its members on issues such as road safety infrastructure and consumer rights. Throughout their history, they have created a legacy of providing exceptional member experiences and lead by example to their over 2 million members.

The Brief

The Brief

The client recently reorganized their team structure to centralize insights generation and customer data. Under the streamlined leadership for their Business Insights and Analytics team, the client built a shared vision and delivery model for their organization. To achieve a more strategic approach to using their data that addresses both upstream and downstream stakeholders, they partnered with Trendline in the development of a Strategic Analytic Roadmap. 

Capacity limitations along with challenges gaining traction with their existing tools lef the client to recognize the need to create a more strategic approach to using their data; they needed a guide for leveraging existing tools, developing tools to meet their futures needs and realizing the full value of analytic tools and capabilities through an integrated vision. 

Trendline’s experience building analytics strategies and roadmaps to support organizational needs, combined with our collaborative approach in working with client teams, aligned with the client’s need for a detailed and actionable plan to move their organization forward.

The Story

The client needed a roadmap to deliver a strategic plan to support the newly formed team in their goal to become the sought-out Centre of Excellence for Data and Analytics within the organization. The roadmap required participation and buy-in from leadership across the company, who provided ongoing support with respect to governance, cross-functional decision making and adoption.

The scope of the Roadmap needed to include cross-functional dependencies and impacts, as well as observations with respect to change management, key risk areas, and include high level business requirements with respect to Strategy, Technology, Data, People and Process implications.

The roadmap for the client was divided into phases with objectives, dependencies, use cases, and quick-wins to realize value along the way and demonstrate achievable outcomes, as well as articulate the desired end-state. It was designed to be completed in a three-year timespan; to ensure that there is clear line of sight to what can be achieved.

Within each phase, detailed initiatives were articulated and categorized across 5 work streams meaningful and specific to the client’s organization, with dependencies included. These 5 key streams (or functions) organized the initiatives into Strategy, Internal Processes, Improving Member Understanding, Evolving Marketing Initiatives, and Data and Technology.

In addition to the clear articulation of each phase and work stream, a considerable amount of change management needed to be identified and planned for. To support this, Trendline provided recommendations for a potential organizational structure that would align with the roadmap, including the identification of new key roles within the group to actively support and champion initiatives along the roadmap and align the team to the desired end-state.

The Story

The Result

With Phase I complete, the roadmap is being used to guide next steps and decisions, including the creation of clear project plans to move the client forward. In addition, the client is thrilled that by articulating the plan and highlighting more strategic opportunities, team members have been more engaged and are stepping up to participate in heretofore unseen ways.



I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed every single second of this engagement with each of you, from our kick-offs, to the interviews, to the many re-groups and reviews and the final meetings with key stakeholders. I am beyond proud of the deliverables and more importantly, what they represent: a clear path to achieve our future vision. My favorite part is that it has been in the best interest of the team and all of our clients at its heart; this is not done for me, it is done for everyone else! You were not just an extension of my team, you played the role of an extension of me.”

Director, Business Insights and Analytics

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