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Building a Program from Scratch in 6 Months: An Agile Story

What We Did:

  • Strategy Blueprint & Roadmap
  • Content & Creative Design
  • Platform Implementation
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2.5%lift in Daily Traffic
85%increase in Accounts Funded
301%increase in Unique Opens MoM

A new-to-market financial institution is offering a savings account that pays in airline miles, instead of interest. It’s a way for consumers to “outsmart interest” and save for travel instead of earning just pennies on the dollar with regular interest-bearing savings accounts.

The Brief

The Brief

The digital bank needed help establishing — from scratch — effective communication touch points throughout the customer lifecycle, implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to store and manage its email data, and boosting customer engagement through creative messages that reflected the new brand. 

The client selected Trendline to help build their communication program from the ground up. This was a 6-month project in which Trendline was tasked with understanding the bank’s potential customers and creating email journeys that both increased customers and deposits.

The Story

Working with Trendline, the client selected to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud as its technology for managing and sending communications to customers as well as prospects. Trendline implemented the program and established the bank’s data structures and backend integrations to ensure accurate data synchronization. 

The digital bank worked with Trendline and top PR and social media firms on early-stage market research analysis to identify top prospects that would be a fit for using the new program. In addition to defining the right target market, another key output of the research was defining the most timely and impactful customer touchpoints. 

The communication programs needed to drive the business model were vast. These included conceiving, designing, and developing an Account Acquisition and Activation program, a New Customer Experience program, a Lifetime Value Improvement program, an Account Transition program, a Re-engagement program, and multiple promotional and lifecycle communications. Trendline’s creative team brought these programs to life with messages tailored to drive key business outcomes and the automations necessary to carry them forward at scale. 

The Story

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