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Driving Efficiencies to Unlock Value

What We Did:

  • Operational Audit
  • ESP Replatform
  • Staff Augmentation
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$1.3MMannual business value delivered through ESP replatform
32.5%decrease in hours/email through process consolidation

Millions of users globally rely on this Software-as-a-Service company’s products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. They serve over 170,000 customers with global offices in 7 countries.

The Brief

The Brief

The client asked themselves this question: 

How do we scale our email-marketing operations to deliver against the surging trajectory of business requirements?

An in-house team had been deploying ad hoc email campaigns and journeys, but the team lacked proper bandwidth to deliver against program needs. The initial engagement called for a staff augmentation to help with campaign execution, but the client quickly saw the value in hiring an email consulting and professional services company that offered both a depth and breadth of expertise in email marketing. As a result, they sought ongoing support from Trendline including project management, operational consulting, email production, and QA.

The Story

The Trendline engagement took a three phased approach. 

Phase One provided Project Management and Platform Management assistance. 

Phase Two entailed an Operational Audit identifying areas where efficiencies could be gained and processes optimized. 

Phase Three involved the provision of ongoing support to their global email operations team. Here, Trendline was able to implement optimizations from Phase II, leaning heavily on our knowledge and expertise of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Trendline immersed employees into the client’s business processes during a 5-week pilot program to better understand how the team was operating. By doing so, they were able to scale production with Trendline alongside. Trendline focused on two things: hours spent per emailand  overall quality-assurance processes. 

Trendline’s operational recommendations cut down the number of handoffs within the email production process, increasing transparency and reducing time constraints.  This lead to a 32.5% decrease in hours/email spent.  

The SaaS company was able to consolidate the QA process under Trendline for all campaigns being produced, and implement a consistent, transparent and effective production process across both teams. This consolidation enabled more errors to be caught prior to deployment.

The benefits were immediately felt beyond time savings and error reduction. The process optimizations were also shown to decrease frustration and increase enjoyment relative to the baseline process.

The Story

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