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Improving Visibility into the Email Audience through Data Consolidation

What We Did

  • Operational Audit
  • Data Consolidation & Data Integration
  • Subscriber Engagement Analysis
6%overlap between databases
139data files organized into 1 holistic view

For over 60 years, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada has been one of Canada’s leading funders of life-saving research into heart disease and stroke, bringing in millions of dollars in donations each year. The non-profit boasts a network of 125,000 volunteers managed by seven regional offices in communities across Canada. Their work has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others.

The Brief

The Brief

Senior managers at Heart & Stroke had identified a major operational hurdle: their email databases were in silos and, as a result, they did not know how many unique email addresses they had. There were over 130+ different lists & databases, in several different formats, with no understanding of the overlap between each list. 

Secondly, Heart & Stroke was concerned about any potential overlap between audiences, which caused them to be overly conservative regarding email frequency. They were holding back on implementing new email marketing programs for the same reason.

The Story

Trendline was tasked with the challenge – help Heart & Stroke get their email marketing house in order and do it quickly. Taking the 130+ databases, Trendline’s data analysts and programmers developed a methodology to identify how many unique and valid email addresses existed, and what other data points were available to use in testing and targeting. This work took less than 3 weeks to accomplish.

Insights gleaned from the operational audit revealed:

  • The reach the email program was less than estimated and greater priority was needed for email acquisition
  • Overlap between programs was much smaller than expected (6%), which identified an opportunity to leverage audiences more fully across programs for a dramatic increase in subscriber reach for key programs.
  • Subscribers who were receiving email from more than one program were more engaged which further supported the benefit of breaking down the data silos
  • The frequency that Constituents were receiving messages was less than expected for most audiences. This identified opportunities to expand campaigns within programs
  • Profile data at the Constituent level was incomplete for many sources and greater emphasis was needed on consistency for data capture in order to deliver on better personalization.

By bringing Heart & Stroke’s data together for a holistic view of their contacts, the organization was better able to understand how to move forward and create stronger interactions with their subscribers. Trendline and Heart & Stroke have worked together for 4 years, and employees in Trendline’s Guelph office consistently participate in the foundation’s annual Big Bike fundraiser.

The Story

“Getting clarity of the state of our email database was a critical step to building our roadmap. Trendline really knows email marketing and they completed the data consolidation in record time. Their data-driven discipline is helping us get to the next level.” ”

Geoff Craig

CMO, Heart & Stroke

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