case study • Membership Organization

Launching an SMS marketing program

What We Did:

  • Technical Blueprint
  • Data Consolidation & Data Integration
  • SMS Implementation
15+Transactional Messages projects
500Kmembers opted-in to receive messages

A National Membership Organization is one of the largest non-profit, non-partisan organizations in America. The organization is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all by championing positive social change and delivering value through advocacy, information, and service.

The Brief

The Brief

The Client asked Trendline to help increase engagement, this time to through SMS messaging. They wanted to diversify their communication channels to make messages more convenient and immediate for their members and make moments the core of engagement.

The Story

To begin building the new SMS program, Trendline first migrated existing records from a legacy platform to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Connect. With email and SMS now housed under Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Trendline assisted the client in implementing their desired setup of the SMS program. The configuration for the SMS program was not a typical solution, nor was it easily supported with out-of-the-box capabilities. 

This implementation created the foundation for the membership organization’s new program that not only matched their needs, but also met SMS industry regulations and requirements. 

Since the rollout of the membership organizations’s SMS program in mid-2019, around 500,000 users have opted-in to receive SMS messages. With the foundation in place, Trendline was able to help the client continue to expand their SMS program. Trendline has executed ad hoc campaigns, as well as established transactional SMS messaging. Processes that Trendline implemented allow for the association of email addresses and mobile numbers, and the ability for clients the option to opt-in to the SMS transactional messaging program. 

Trendline continues to work closely with the membership organization to optimize their new SMS program, including the ability to transform collected data to meet the client’s evolving needs for analysis, as well as the ability to marry the SMS and email data collected across multiple channels through a common identifier as part of their new omnichannel customer journeys.

The Story

“Over the course of the last year, [Trendline] has tirelessly supported our efforts to launch a brand new channel and in the last several weeks we have been leaning on [them] extra hard...Despite the pressures and demands to deliver, [the team] always remains calm, professional and most importantly, transparently honest.”

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