Case Study • Banfield

Value Creation Through Testing


increase in appointment reschedule rate


increase in appointment schedule rate


decrease in operational costs

What We Did

  • Strategy Audit
  • Testing Strategy
  • Master Template Design
  • Platform Support and 
Journey Development
  • SMS & Push









Banfield Pet Hospital is the largest general veterinary practice in the United States with more than 1,000 Hospitals and growing. The company employs over 3,600 veterinarians committed to providing high-quality care to over three million pets annually. Banfield is committed to its purpose because pets make a better world for us.


The Brief 

Banfield Pet Hospital originally came to Trendline with the following goals:

  • Increase revenue by decreasing appointment no-shows and health plan payment expirations
  • Increase visibility into customer satisfaction
  • Drive customer engagement through new email creative

Banfield also sought our help with navigating their current platform, and the business was considering making the switch to a different system.

Trendline was tasked with performing a strategic audit to take a holistic view of Banfield’s current operations, finding areas of improvements, and making recommendations to propel 
Banfield forward.

The Story

First, Trendline recommended that Banfield continue using Salesforce Marketing Cloud rather than learning a new system. This was contrary to suggestions made to them by other agencies. We recommended they look at solving their problems from an operational procedure and process standpoint, along with making some key adjustments with their Salesforce set-up and program configurations to help them better own their program.

Second, Trendline created a customized master email template to standardize the email process and build brand equity within Banfield. We performed extensive testing on subject lines, headlines, pre-header, images, button copy, color and position, sender name and personalization. As a result, the client saw an increase in customer engagement thanks to “exam due” reminders, “missed appointment” notifications, and “payment failed” message emails.

With Trendline doing the heavy lifting, Banfield could spend more time testing and optimizing their emails and less time on day-to-day resourcing.



This is so VERY AWESOME. Let me get this straight — we save money AND drive up the number of folks we are reaching to make sure they get the care they need?!?! WIN WIN!”

Alison Hiatt
Chief Marketing Officer,
Banfield Pet Hospital

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