CMA Insights – Jan. 20, 2021

January 20, 2021 | 1:00PM – 3:15 PM ET

Join Scott Burdsall, VP, Marketing Strategy at Trendline, as he joins the panel discussion on the following topic:

A year like no other, 2020 was an accelerator of change that not only made marketers think differently, but also highlighted important gaps in data, insights and technology.  How did marketers address these gaps, and what do they need to move forward? Join us for a panel discussion that will explore how to navigate challenges and opportunities regarding:

  • Changing consumer behaviours and patterns
  • Timing and access to data
  • The balance between the need for insights and ongoing budget constraints



About CMA Insights

The fast pace of change in 2020 drove an increased demand for information and innovation. What does 2021 look like, and what data will help us understand and navigate these rapidly evolving changes as they relate to customer purchasing patterns, behaviour and mindset? This event will help marketers understand how to stay in touch with the importance of insights for short-term life cycles and long-term business success.

CMAinsights II will follow up on this event by addressing the progression from the new normal to the next normal in the world of data and insights.


About the Author(s)

Scott Burdsall

Scott Burdsall is the Practice Lead, Strategy Consulting at Trendline Interactive, where he focuses on creating messaging and segmentation strategies to drive maximum conversions while maintaining a strong focus on the optimal omni channel user experience. He has 13 years of email marketing and product management experience, creating and maintaining programs for both B2C and B2B audiences and overseeing everything from day-to-day campaign management to platform migrations. Scott graduated from The University of Iowa and lives outside of Chicago, Illinois with his wife and two children. Scott enjoys music, running, and fixing up old bikes in his spare time. Follow Scott on LinkedIn

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