CMAinsights II – August 24

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The evidence that the pandemic began changing customer expectations almost immediately is overwhelming. In just a few months, the pandemic accelerated the already dizzying pace of digital transformation by 3-4 years (McKinsey), and has hastened the move towards a seamless digital customer experience.

In amongst this rapidly evolving landscape, marketers and analysts alike are faced with creating a more personalized customer experience while navigating new technology, model performance degradation, a world without third-party cookies, and the impact of Mail Privacy Protection.

Data and insights are a critical part of this evolution.  This digital shift provides us with unparalleled access to information about customers, and enables the orchestration of more impactful experiences; however, it also brings new scrutiny on data and how it is used as well as increased expectations.

In this session, Emma Warrillow discusses how marketers can prepare for the ‘next normal’ and how your company can be sure its investment in data and analytics will pay off in higher revenue and happier customers.


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