Data Literacy for Marketers: Why data matters in Marketing – May 11

Emma Warrillow

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About This Event

Marketing has traditionally been seen as a creative pursuit rather than a scientific one; however, that is changing. Marketers today are being asked to show the return on marketing investments and be more data-driven in their decision-making. This means marketers need a new kind of literacy.

Data literacy is defined as the ability to collect, manage, evaluate, and apply data in a critical matter. By increasing data literacy, marketers are able to bring new ideas to the discussion and have productive, positive debates that lead to better decision making and new innovations.

In this session, we’ll explore the field of data literacy and its role in marketing. We’ll identify some key concepts that often trip up marketers and discuss how your marketing team can harness the power of data.

Join Emma Warrillow, Practice Analytics Lead at Trendline Interactive, as she walks you through these topics, and more.

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Emma Warrillow

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