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Webinar: Nov. 17 • 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT • 60min

Are we in the New Normal? The Next Normal? At Trendline Interactive, we’ve come up with our own description of the times we’re living through as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on: the NormalNow.

It recognizes that what’s “normal” differs from person to person, business to business, location to location. Today’s normal could be entirely different in six months – or even six days. For businesses, it requires new actions and responses from the nerve center of every company: the marketing department. This discussion will help you create them.

Join Scott Burdsall, VP of Marketing Strategy,  as he walks us through a brief retrospective as to the lessons learned while marketers navigated the beginning of the pandemic. More importantly he explores practical solutions of what you can do next as you lean more heavily on digital communication and email to fuel growth in 2021.

Content overview:

A better crisis response 

  • Lessons from COVID-19: What Just Happened?
  • COVID-19 response messages: who did it well
  • Ready for the next disruption

4 Growth strategies in a digital-first world

  • Look inward for growth
  • Go where your customers are now
  • Enhance your Internal Capabilities
  • Go where your customers want you with multi-channel marketing

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About the Author(s)

Scott Burdsall

Scott Burdsall is the Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Trendline Interactive, where he focuses on creating messaging and segmentation strategies to drive maximum conversions while maintaining a strong focus on the optimal omni channel user experience. He has 13 years of email marketing and product management experience, creating and maintaining programs for both B2C and B2B audiences and overseeing everything from day-to-day campaign management to platform migrations. Scott graduated from The University of Iowa and lives outside of Chicago, Illinois with his wife and two children. Scott enjoys music, running, and fixing up old bikes in his spare time. Follow Scott on LinkedIn

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