How Apple’s “Mail Privacy Protection” Changes Email Marketing: Part 2

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JULY 29 | 3 PM EST

Live webinar | 1 hour

Apple introduced new privacy features at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference last week, and the impact they will have on email marketing is nothing short of an earthquake. The Mail app in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey will now allow users to opt-in what they are dubbing “Mail Privacy Protection,” which will effectively break the “open rate” and all of the data that traditionally comes with it.

Certain aspects of every email program are about to change. While the open rate itself has always been a flawed metric, it’s weaved into practically every aspect of email marketing, for better or worse. The fundamentals of email marketing are still the same with or without open rates. We don’t expect Apple to backtrack on any aspect of Mail Privacy Protection, so you should probably start getting ahead of it.

Join Tammi Miller and Alex Williams in Part 2 of this 2-Part series. They will discuss:

  • Journeys & Automations
  • Real-Time Content
  • Changes to Strategies & Tactics

Take the time to get everyone in your organization up to speed on the changes that are on the horizon. With the removal of third-party cookies approaching, similar conversations should already be happening. If open rates have been a critical component of your reporting to management, start having those discussions now.



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